I have had my eye on FaFaloha jeweley for 3 years!  I finally treated myself and I cannot Express how happy I am with my jewellery!

The elegance of Pearl’s coupled with their simplicity of leather makes the pieces so versatile!  I can dress up with them or wear them every day casual!  I can wear the one as a necklace or bracelet!  The design allows me to change the look by sliding the Pearl’s along the leather!

I get compliments everytime I have them on!  Many times it’s from complete strangers!

Thank you FaFa for creating an  original masterpiece for me!



I am so in love with Fafa’s jewelry. I had wanted a Tahitian Pearl necklace for so long and got my first custom one from her about a year and a half ago. I haven’t taken it off since! It still looks amazing and I continue to get compliments on it everyday. Her and I teamed up recently and I got to photograph her beautiful line of jewelry, something I had been wanting to do for a long time. I got another necklace from her since, the Kia necklace, which I am in love with. I combine it with my other Fafaloha necklace and love them together. The quality of her work is amazing and every piece is unique and one of a kind. Can’t say enough great things about both Fafa and her jewelry!


I consider myself a landlocked mermaid since I live in Canada on the prairies.
I absolutely adore the ocean and hence have fallen in love with Tahiti’s Black pearls. When I first saw the  jewelry from FaFaloha in Maui, I instantly loved her unique designs and the boho chic casualness of the special pieces. I have purchased 4 pieces for myself and a few for my daughters. They have become my go to jewelry that I wear almost every day. They work with both causal dress and when I need to go to a black tie event.  I feel like I’m wearing a piece of the ocean when I can’t be near the sea.